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Last update: September 27, 2020
Dark mode screenss idea #410: Android Q Beta: First Impressions - a UX perspective System > Gestures. I went for the "Full Gestural Navigation" where you swipe up from the bottom of the screen takes you right to the "Home screen". And when you swipe up and holding up brings up the "Recent" and swiping the left and/or right edge would trigger the "Back" functionality. Let me be clear, this action is not evidence at all, again this might need some "get-used-to" obviously. Improved notifications Notifications have definitely improved in both good and "experimental" ways. But one thing Android does it so well is the "suggested actions" and for this case "smart replies". In fact: "Starting in Beta 3, we’re enabling system-provided smart replies and actions that are inserted directly into notifications by default." It works pretty well and one of my strongholds from Google. One thing that caught my attention since yesterday and might need some refinement. It's about how they treat the "System UI - Notifications" whenever you wanna "Alert Me" or "Show Silently". I mean it works perfectly BUT I might have triggered this "System UI - Notifications" 20x times accidentally since yesterday. Why? Well, this action is triggered by "finger-press" your notification by a small second. It's intuitive but it feels buggy and too sensitive for my opinion. But when this option is selected, the after-experience is so subtle. Love the direction of this feature so far. Digging more control and definitely accessible This might be the most underrated feature from Android Q Beta 3 are the new features from Accessibility. This is honestly ground-breaking and this is one of the reasons why I love Google so much. They took another step forward by making videos universally accessible. They even took a step onwards by making accessible not only for YouTube but also for video messages, social media, podcasts, and audio messages. You should definitely check out the video below. We worked with the Deaf community to develop Live Caption. With a single tap, Live Caption will automatically caption media on your phone. As soon as speech is detected, captions will appear, all without opening another app, without ever needing wifi or cell phone data, and without anything leaving your phone. Live Caption: Making digital media more accessible with a single tap In Conclusion As a side-note, you should check out the entire blogspot on Android Developers blog to view the entire novelty and great updates on "Privacy and Security". I truly love the direction Android Q is taking and would love to send my gratitude to the teams working effortlessly. Props to everyone involved. Links Enroll to Android Q Beta Credits Image Courtesy from Android Developers ">

Android Q Beta: First Impressions - a UX perspective

Android Q Beta: First Impressions - a UX perspective ...