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A curated collection of landing pages to inspire you and your web design process. This professionally-curated, constantly-updated list featuring what we think are the best, most inspirational, well-crafted, elegant and stylish app, product or service landing page examples in the wild.
And not a word about conversion rates :)
Also, what is a landing page?

Last update: May 30, 2023

What is a landing page and why it is so important to care about how it looks?

In general, in the digital marketing world a "landing page" is a page on a website that targets specific audience with a specific Call to Action (CTA) designed to convert visitors into leads, registered users, download software, fill out a form, start using a product or service- or anything that creates value to the company. A page dedicated to conversion.
For example, you want users to leave their email address so you could offer them great deals on the amazing products you sell from time to time.

Alas, many landing page examples have become very similar both in structure and appearance, almost identical as if they all came out of the same cookie cutter- there is a title, a very short paragraph conveying the core message and a CTA, usually accompanied with an illustrated or a photo background.

Although this structure proved to be effective, it makes it very hard to tell landing pages apart, which over time caused them to be perceived almost as banners with all the drawbacks that holds.
So why should you care about landing page design? Because it’s important to stand out in order to get your audience’s attention, and that’s all about design. Good design.

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